Best Anti Aging Skin Care Regimen

I believe in accepting who I am, in getting old gracefully and all that stuff.  But there are times when I look in the mirror and wish I could turn back the time..and then, I start thinking that I need to put my act together and find the best anti-aging skin care regimen that works well for me.

I also believe in taking care of ourselves and our skin. We don’t have to look 10 years older than our age, right? There are things we can do now to make sure that we are as beautiful as we should be at our age 🙂

So anyway, here are some of the best anti-aging skin care tips to get you started on your you journey to take better care of yourself.

Eat Healthy

What you eat  shows on your skin.  Stuff your diet with junk food and it’s not only your health that will suffer. Your skin will too.

So eat fresh food and veg as much as possible. Make sure you eat lots of protein which aids in collagen production. Eliminate if not cut processed food.

Think Positive Thoughts

Positive, happy, and relaxing thoughts release  happy hormones. This in turn significantly reduces our stress levels. And you probably know by now that stress is a big contributing factor to aging. Therefore, by thinking positive thoughts we are reducing the effects of aging on our body and skin.


Get a good night’s sleep as much as possible. Not having enough sleep can have immediate and long-term negative effects. This includes eye puffiness, eye circles, and a tired face.


No, they don’t just get you a six-pack and toned thighs. Exercise actually stimulates hormones that make your skin glow beautifully.


I cannot underestimate how important sunscreen is to avoid premature aging.  In fact, some dermatologists would go as far as saying that this is the only anti-wrinkle cream you need. The ultraviolet rays of the sun is one of the main reasons why you have  fine lines on your face. So it’s only natural to cut the damage by protecting yourself from it.

Facial Skin Care

When people talk about anti-aging skin care regimen, they often mean facial skincare. So let’s have a little talk about facial care.

When Do You Start Using Moisturizer or Facial Cream?

I believe that the earlier you use a moisturizer the better it is. Many start using one in their teens. If you do, make sure you use beauty creams  for younger skin. Keep away from products that have strong chemical ingredients and are not fit for your young skin.

Puffy Eyes

This together with dark under-eye circles is one of the most common complaints many people have. The stress of everyday life, the lack of sleep, the late night partying can all lead to this. Here are some puffy eyes home remedies that you can use to get rid of puffy eyes now.Get rid of hyperpigmentation, black spots and lighten skin color! 
Here’s what I recommend

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