Face Care Tips For Women

How you look after your skin depends on your age and your skin type. Do you have dry, oily or combination skin? Know this first and then apply the proper face care routine.

Face Care Tips – Antiaging

face care tipsYou need to use a combination of different products if you want the maximum benefits of anti-wrinkle treatment creams. If you want your skin to have fewer wrinkles, to look smooth, and be evenly toned, then it is inevitable to use a combination of treatments.

What you apply on your skin will depend on your skin problems, but for me, this is what I do.

Take note that I have normal skin/combination (depending on weather etc), easily have dark spots when exposed to the sun, and sometimes have acne just before my period.

My Morning Face Care Routine

I don’t use a lot of make-up but I do spend time with my anti-aging skin-care routine.

1) Wash Face With Cold Water : As soon as I wake-up, I make sure I wash my face with cold water – usually, the coldest that I can take it. I find that this helps a lot with reducing the puffiness in my eyes. Whenever I have time, usually on the weekend, I use milk on my face. I just get a ball of cotton wool, dab in milk and rub it on my face. I leave it on for a minute or two (when brushing my teeth etc) and then I rinse it. This makes my skin very smooth.

I don’t usually use soap or face wash. But on the rare occasion that I missed to wash my face the night before, then I use a face wash with the cold water.

2) Use Toner – Some women prefer not to use toner as it can sometimes be drying to the face. It does leave my skin a bit taut but I feel that it helps with washing away all the heavy cream that I applied the night before.

3) Apply Eye Cream – For depuffing the eyes and for eye protection as well. I prefer eye creams with SPF protection.

3) Apply Moisturizer – I use a light moisturizer during the day.

4) Sunscreen – I use a physical and not a chemical sunscreen.

Sunscreen or Moisturizer first?

You will hear different views about which one you should apply first. Even experts seem to disagree on this. I always use my moisturizer first because that makes my skin feel more hydrated after the drying effects of the toner.

My Sunscreen – SPF 30 in the winter, SPF 80 in the summer (I’m out a lot in the summer and it gets very hot where we are). Beauty specialists recommend SPF-15 but I prefer to go overboard when it comes to sunscreen on my face. I stay outside a lot in the summer so the least I can do is to protect my face from the harmful rays of the sun.

My Evening Skin Care Routine

face care tipsAt night is when I use all the anti-aging treatment cream. I layer a lot, too.

1) Get Rid Of Makeup, Dirt, etc – This is extremely important and one that you mustn’t miss. In fact, some beauty specialists say that failing to regularly wash your face can age your skin a lot. I also make sure that my face is free of any make-up. I have an Olay eye-makeup remover, but I find olive oil or almond oil to be just as good, if not better as these oils don’t sting at all.

2) Wash Face with Face cleanser – I get a bit paranoid with any make-up residue so I use a face cleanser at night.

3) Face Toner – Gets my skin ready for the anti-aging cream I use during the night.

4) Eye Serum – Usually a different one from the one I use in the day. But if I run out of my night timeeye serum, the eye cream for the day will do.

5) Retinol Cream – Right now, this is the one effective anti aging ingredient backed by dozens of research. Don’t miss this. It is harsh to sensitive skin though so make sure you know exactly how to apply it on your face.

6) Moisturizer

7) Lip Balm

This is my regular skin care routine, but it changes every now and then. For example, in the winter, I do a 1-2 month exfoliation treatment using MD Skincare Beta Peel. Sometimes, usually right after thesummer season, I go through a whitening treatment routine for a few weeks.

Face Care Tips In Winter

For many of us, winter is a difficult time for the skin. There is usually no escape from an environment that dries your skin and strips it from all the healthy oils. From the heating in your houses to the extremely cold air, our face can really get a beating.

I look at wintertime as a time for my skin to get ready for the summer. This is when I use a heavy moisturizer, a fading cream for my sun spots like Meladerm Skin lightener. I tend to be more aggressive with my face routine as I want to make sure that it comes through the worst of winter in very good shape.

Here are some face care tips to think of in the wintertime

Moisturize More

Using a moisturizer is imperative. Forget about light moisturizers that you use in the summer. Whatever you skin type is, it is important that you moisturize even more at this time. Make sure that you use the right kind of moisturizer for your type of skin.

Stay Away From Hot Baths or Showers

A hot bath will cause your skin to dry even more and you don’t want to add any more reason for your skin to feel flaky and itchy. I know this is a challenge for many people but if you want to care for your face properly, then you just have to do it.

Use Sunscreen

You’ve probably heard this many times before but I want to say this again. Applying sunscreen is still important even in the winter. The sun’s rays, whether you see it or not can still theoretically cause damage to your skin. So err on the side of safety.

Use a humidifier

Heating in houses and offices can make the air very dry. To counteract this effect, have humidifiersaround your house. You can buy a few humidifiers for different rooms, if you want. You can also make your own humidifiers at home.Get rid of hyperpigmentation, black spots and lighten skin color! 
Here’s what I recommend

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