How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Blemishes

Scars left by acne are very bothersome. Thankfully, there are now many ways to get rid of acne scars. There is no hard and fast rule to find  the best acne scar treatment. Often than not, the acne treatment that you should use mainly depends on the amount of scarring that you have and your budget.

Here are some ways to get rid of acne scars and blemishes.

The Quick Fix

If you haven’t seen the video about the woman who shows the world exactly how she uses make-up to cover her acne scars, then you should. This clearly shows a very quick fix to acne scarring problems. Learn some beauty tips and cover those scars with make-up. Pretty good stuff and an inspiring story as well to make you see that your acne scars don’t need to hinder you in any way at all.

Scar Cream

There are acne scar creams that can get rid of old skin cells and boost collagen production. This whole process can then get rid of mild to moderate acne scars. Most of these acne scar topical treatments have ingredients that include Retinol and AHA’s which are good chemical exfoliants.

Like any topical treatment, how long it will take for the scar to go away is dependent on the severity ofyou scar. Also, this will take a longer time than more invasive procedures like laser and punch excision.

Laser Treatment

A laser treatment is one of the popular ways to get rid of acne scars and blemishes. There are now manylaser systems that get rid of acne scarring. This treatment removes the skin’s damaged part leavingnew undamaged skin on the surface. Each laser treatment session can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours.

get rid of acne scarsDermal Fillers

For shallow scars, dermal fillers are appropriate. These fillers are injected into the scars “filling” the “dent” that we see as scars. The problem with fillers is that they are not permanent solutions and you will have to regularly have it done. Restylane is currently one of the more popular scar fillers in the market.

Punch Excision

For severe I.e deep acne scarring, punch excision methods are recommended. There are two main ways that punch excision is done in the doctor’s office. The first method is by using a tool that excises the scar. This gets rid of the scar and the skin is then sewn together. This sewing usually doesn’t leave any scarring at all. The other method uses the same tool, but instead of sewing the skin up, it is filled with grafted skin from the patient.

Microdermabrasion To Get Rid Of Acne Scars and Blemishes

I like to call microdermabrasion as a stronger type of exfoliation. This process gets rid of the top layer of the skin and improves the texture and the overall look of the skin. It is a good treatment for minor scarring and works very well with chemical peels.

Chemical Peel

This uses a very strong acid to get rid of blemishes which encourage the growth of new skin cells. You can recreate this very same treatment at home using microdermabrasion and chemical peels which are available over the counter. These home chemical peels take a longer time but are proven to be effective in getting rid of minor to moderate scarring.

Important Note: It is advisable to completely get rid of acne first before treating the scarring.

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