Meladerm Cream – The Best Skin Whitening Cream?

Meladerm cream gets rid of scars, dark spots and skin discoloration. It’s an all-natural cream that contains a combination of ingredients known to diminish dark spots on the face.

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The Meladerm pigment reducing complex brand has creams for the following skin concerns:

  • age/liver or sun spots
  • melasma/chloasma
  • freckles
  • acne marks
  • old scars
  • birthmarks
  • hyperpigmentation
  • dark spots
  • dark eye circles
  • general skin lightening

Why Should You Consider Buying Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex?

Meladerm Pigment Reducing ComplexIf you have pigmentation problems, then Meladerm advanced skin lightener is one of the safest and quickest ways to get rid of your dark spots.

This contains more than 5 different skin whitening ingredients in one bottle.  The combination of these 5 ingredients makes it a potent cream for fading sun spots.

And the best thing about it all? It does not contain the controversial whitening ingredient, hydroquinone .

And if you value your health,  it’s best to use safe ingredients when it comes to skin care.

Note: At this time, hydroquinone which also whitens the skin well, is a very controversial ingredient. It’s banned in other countries and there’s even the possibility of more skin darkening if you use it for longer than the recommended number of months. Meladerm Skin lightener Cream DOES NOT contain hydroquinone at all.

Meladerm Reviews

Like any beauty products, you will find both positive and negative Meladerm reviews.

From personal experience, I can say that the “effectiveness” of a product is not always the same for all people.

At any rate, it’s a good idea to read reviews so you can make a decision on whether or not to try it for yourself based on other people’s experiences.

If you go to the official Civant Skin Care site, you will see a lot of unsolicited customer reviews about the product. I suggest you go through all the reviews   to decide whether or not this is for you at all (warning: There are so many it will take you, at least, an hour to go through all of them).

Here are some of my favorite Meladerm reviews:

  • For years I have suffered with black (and I mean BLACK) patches of unsightly skin on my knees, elbows. and arm pits. Meladerm, applied specifically to these areas, has definitely lightened those areas. 
  • Meladerm works! i have tried many products both over the counter and by perscription, but it has given me by far the best results yet! i love the teture and smell. I am african american and acne has left very dark scars all over my face. In just 4 weeks of using (it) i have noticed a remarkable difference! 
  • I have been using it for three weeks. twice a day. it has lighted the scar to the same color as my natural brown skin.  it is becoming almost undetectable. its like you know something was there because of the outline but it is gradually fading to the color of my own skin.  . I’m not sure why it is workin on my scar but I’m so amazed and so grateful.

Reviews On Youtube

And here are even more reviews on Meladerm cream on Youtube.

Where To Buy Meladerm Cream

The best place to buy Meladerm cream is through their online website  HERE . They offer excellent customer support plus all the information you need about the product is in there.

The online site also delivers worldwide, so wherever you are in the world, be it in the Philippines, India, Dubai, Africa or Singapore, you can be assured that the Meladerm skin whitening cream can be delivered right to your doorstep.

The company accepts Paypal and Credit card, so it’s easy to get your purchase or order online.

Another advantage of buying the product from this site is that you can avail of the 30-day refund policy. Nothing better than that.

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How to Use For Best Results

Civant Skincare has a lot of different products for sale. Apart from the very popular Cream For Hyperpigmentation, they also have the following beauty creams:

  • Antioxidant Facial Cleanser
  • Purifying Facial Toner
  • SPF 35 sunscreen
  • Eye Complex
  • AHA Exfoliating Cream
  • Facial Moisturizer Hydrating Lotion
  • Firm and Renew Anti-Aging Complex

Meladerm is admittedly not cheap. So know that the more severe your hyperpigmentation is, the more bottles you will need.

If you only have a few sun spots or skin darkening from acne spots, then it should take a faster time for it to go away.

Also, remember that you MUST use strong sun protection when you are using this cream.

Some Important Things

1) Like any other whitening cream, this makes your skin sensitive to the sun. Don’t forget to use sunscreen. You need it now more than ever. I use Avene SPF50. It’s pricier than most sunscreen but it’s very good.
2) Wash your face before using this cream. The skin can easily absorb the cream this way

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