The Best Home Microdermabrasion Machine Comparison

home microdermabrasion machine comparisonThe home microdermabrasion machine comparison featured on this page use a diamond tip. These are safer and many of them can also be used around the mouth and eye areas.

What To Look For When You Buy Home Microdermabrasion Machines For Sale

  1. Abrasive Power – This is important. You need to have a machine that can gently yet powerfully exfoliate the skin
  2. Vacuum – A good vacuum is equally important when buying a homemicrodermabrasion machine. You need it to be strong enough to do its job but not too strong that only a specialist can safely use it.
  3. Cost – Diamond tip machines cost between $150 -$400. Find one that fits your budget.

Best Home Microdermabrasion Machine Comparison

Brand Included In The Kit Comments Price/Warranty Average Customer Reviews


The kit comes with machine, 2 diamond tips
  • Has five suction settings
  • $200 – $250
  • 3-year warranty
3.5 stars

at home microdermabrasion machine with suction

The kit includes  aMicrodermabrasionmachine, a Diamond Tip, 100 pack of filters, 1 cleaning brush, and a User Manual.
  • Comes with different power levels for different parts of the body
  • 3-year warranty
4.5 stars
SkinVac MD

microdermabrasion machine

Two diamond tips available: one for the face and another one for the body;
  • The basic kit can beattached to a regular vacuumcleaner.
  • Basic kit is very affordable at less than $100
  • $70 – $200
  • 1-year warranty
4 stars
NewSpa Portable Machine


The set includes machine, 3 wands. 9 different tips of different sizes, hose and filters,
  • A portable machine is also available but has lesser suction power.
  • $220 – $250
  • 6-month warranty (25% restocking fee if the machine was used or tested.)
4.5 stars


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